Wherever We Go // A Leaf

Local Tacoma band, A Leaf, released their self-titled debut album this past July, and so far it has only impressed. Made up of a tight-knit group of friends, the band’s love & compassion undoubtedly comes through in each one of their thoughtful, lovable tracks.

If any of you have heard of A Leaf, or had the pleasure of seeing them live, you are well-aware of their psychedelic-rock, indie-folk, stoner-rock, folk sound (and perhaps their astonishing similarity to The Beatles), but for those of you who aren’t familiar with A Leaf, let me tell you they hold a unique, breathtaking & organic sound that one can’t help but stop, listen & sing along. And as you can see from the video above, lead singers Nate Daley & Shannon Donahue pull you in with their sweet, endearing banter & airy, stunning vocals.

With 2 years of live shows under their belts’, the anticipation for their debut album was obviously high, and like I said, all 11 tracks are impressive. The opening track, “Wherever We Go,” has always been a favorite, with it’s charming, slow-build. The accompanying video is quintessential A Leaf - earthy, ethereal, and dreamy. 

A Leaf sounds something like the soundtrack to a summer solstice festival - at least to me. You may as well go & check it out yourself (here.) While you’re at it, go ahead and “Like” them on their Facebook page.

But for now, check out A Leaf’s latest Mirth Mobile Video, which was filmed as they cruise on the beloved Tacoma 5 Mile Drive with the help of T-Town Productions.

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